Why Your Car Needs Regular Oil Changes

Changing the car’s engine oil is one of the most important aspects of car care. The car engine is a complex part which is made of thousands of moving parts. The purpose of engine oil is to keep it lubricated thus preventing the wear and tear of your car’s main components. Good, clean oil improves the performance of your car and prolongs the life of the engine. 

Below are some reasons why an oil change is important.

Protects Against Corrosion

Engine is highly vulnerable to corrosion, at this point, the engine oil will provide a protective coating that prevents the engine from dust, debris, moisture, and other corrosive air particles. If you fail to replace it frequently, it can get contaminated with carbon compounds, moisture. Replacement with clean oil will keep your engine protected against corrosion.

Prevents Wear and Tear

The car engine is made up of thousands of moving parts which rub against each other at very high speeds. This action will produce a lot of friction and would quickly wear out the engine without a lubricant such as engine oil.

Moreover, the engine oil can  time and get contaminated and lose its viscosity over time, its ability to reduce friction is lost over time. If you drive for a long time with the wrong level of oil, it can lead to a serious issue for you and your vehicle. Maintain a routine oil change to prevent wear and tear.

Cools Engine Components

The friction and combustion process will produce a lot of heat, this will damage all the components. Engine oil will prevent overheating by reducing friction and transferring heat away from the vulnerable parts. If the oil is clean, it reduces the risk of the engine overheating.