The Fold

A Creative Convention after Colm Cille 30Nov-1 Dec

An Exhibition after Colm Cille’s Spiral 1-15 Dec



The Fold will present a contemporary reimagining of departure, pilgrimage, land and knowledge, as the culmination of arts project Colm Cille’s Spiral, which took place across the UK and Ireland for Derry-Londonderry City of Culture 2013. Six contemporary commissions (across Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) have retraced the strands connecting the spread of monastic learning in the 6th century, exploring an explosion of poetic and ethical thinking that spread from Derry-Londonderry across the isles and cultures of Western Europe. For The Fold, works from these commissions are brought back to the centre of Colm Cille’s story. Together with artists’ talks and insight from leading academics, this two-day event will encourage new understandings by folding the extreme past back through the present.

An exhibition of work from the six spiral knots will take place at London Street Gallery from 1st – to 15th December, with an opening reception on Sat 30 November as part of The Fold.

To attend the convention, RSVP to Maggie McKeever by 22 November (mckeevermaggie [at]

Phone: 0771 800 1944