Monday / Tuesday 28/29 October


Leaving Lichfield post storm, we see the Malvern Hills picked out in the clear sky. we reflect on the day.

Beth’s photographs of the windows in Llandeilo are set against the view of the Cathedral from the café. We couldn’t have baked potato this time as there was a 30 minute wait. The quiche was very nice, however. The manageress discusses the uncanny resemblance of Richard’s imagination drawing of Lichfield Cathedral to the real thing.

In the Cathedral Beth’s book looks simple and beautiful. Richard’s horse has people talking. Whilst giving out the information, and attaching the handling version of Beth’s book to a table found by the Head of Operations, I discuss the project with two very pleasant and engaged volunteers, and am pleased to know they enjoy the idea and the work.

After Strensham Services, the half way point of the journey, we turn down the Severn and Wye Valleys.

The car halts for 30 minutes at the Bryn Glas tunnels. I know their name as they are so often featured on traffic news. This, I comment, is the same length as a wait for baked potatoes for which we received a personal apology at Chapters Café.

The following day in Llandeilo is bright, clear, crisp. Mike makes us welcome. He has brought orange chocolate club biscuits as well as ‘ordinary’ biscuits. We make final decisions on the locations for work, and gradually feel a sense of comfort in the Church.

As we are installing the Vicar and his wife call by to see how we are getting on. We discuss ideas of exchange, sharing, communication between very different places, and the importance of Derry-Londonderry as a place where the two poles of our project are brought together.

Towards the later afternoon the sun comes out through the stained glass, and the walls and floor are splashed in colour. Then artificial light takes over now that evenings are drawing in.

Beth prepares for visiting children with whom to make drawings tomorrow.