Colm Cille’s Spiral Culminating Event: The Fold


Following a series of contemporary art and literature commissions and dialogues rethinking the legacy of 6th Century Irish monk Colm Cille, or St Columba unfolds across Ireland and the UK, Colm Cille’s Spiral will culminate in Derry-Londonderry for City of Culture 2013.  Read more about the six commissions below.

The Voice

Derry/Londonderry (7-9 June)

Performance and voice installation by Ceara Conway on the River Foyle relating to walks by the artist at significant Colm Cille sites from Donegal to Derry-Londonderry. Derry~Londonderry will also host the culmination of Colm Cille’s Spiral in December involving further performances, a ‘creative conversation’ and final exhibition. More…

A Convocation

The Hebrides and Glasgow, Scotland

Two ‘illuminators’ will creatively document a journey of thought and enquiry by artists and historians at the edges and then the centre of Scotland. A rumanatio will initially ‘chew over’ ideas on the island of Raasay followed by a revelatio sharing insights through discussion and exhibition at CCA Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art.  More…

Ethical Knowledge

London and Essex

Early career researchers will work with media arts group Furtherfield to explore and present insights on the ethics of knowledge at Bradwell-on-Sea, site of St Cedd’s church. This will provide a springboard for a subsequent artists commission and response. More…

The Book

Lichfield, Staffordshire and Llandeilo, Wales

A contemporary response to the Chad Gospels that link St Teilo’s Curch, Llandeilo, Wales with Lichfield Cathedral in Staffordshire. Artists based in south Wales and the midlands of England, with strong links to both places, will re-examine distant past exchanges between these cultures, exploring text as image, page and margin, edge and centre. Artists’ works will be placed in vitrines and significant spaces within St Teilo’s church and Lichfield Cathedral. The commission will be accompanied by a creative dialogue event in October. More…

The Object

Dublin, Ireland

Artefacts from the time of Colm Cille will be reinterpreted in contemporary contexts to produce a set of public installations, forming an exploratory walk across the city. The installations will be accompanied by a series of talks by artists and leading academics in November 2013. More…